BOURNOS is a multi-media platform providing written, staged and filmed entertainment, which offers assistance to others in generating and developing ideas of their own, shaping content for projects of all kinds through individual and group consultation.

Examples of what we provide:

Editorial assistance to novelists, memoirists, playwrights and screenwriters.

Shepherding authors through the self-publishing process, assisting with editorial needs, formatting, cover design and social media strategies.

Providing dramaturgical assistance for playwrights and screenwriters.

Assistance to aspiring playwright/producers considering self-production. See the Self-Production blog by one of our team members. (link to Anna Nicholas)

Our team can work with you in person, via telephone and online, using platforms such as Facetime and Skype.


 "Anna Nicholas is a fantastic dramaturge… I gave her my script and she came back with amazing, specific, thoughtful notes about structure, themes and text. She pointed out deep insights about my work that I didn't even know were there! I recommend her to anyone who needs another eye, a script doctor or just someone to bounce ideas off of. She was instrumental in helping me develop the refinements to take my show Off-Broadway." --Albie Selznick, Actor, Writer and Magician

"Anna helped me develop my speech so that I felt comfortable on the TED-X stage."   --Shereen Dahta

"Anna is a wonderful script doctor and collaborator, with a very keen sense of structure and character. She is also excellent at punching up dialogue. I’ve used Anna on several studio projects and she has always been extremely insightful. She gives great notes, most of the time more astute than those coming from the executives! Many of my scripts could not have been written without her."  --Michelle Joyner, Screenwriter“Eucalyptus,” Fox    Searchlight“Chaos,” HBO Films, “Starstruck,” Wes Craven Films

"Her play LU/LOU I found to be both fun and painful, as she meant it to be." --Pamela Wagner, WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY

"Anna Nicholas’ clever group of plays, THE BEAVER SUITE, is NO EXIT meets THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Her fast-paced direction keeps the action frisky and the mood bubbly." --Elias Stimac, DRAMALOGUE

"LU/LOU was written by Anna Nicholas, imaginatively, daringly and quite well." --Polly Warfield, DRAMALOGUE

"Whether tackling the vagaries of human frailty (“The Big Bang Theory,” “Stuff,” “The Beaver Suite”), sex (“The Muffia”), or true events (“Incunabula,” “Foreign Correspondence”), Anna Nicholas writes so the reader is compelled to stay with her, to find out what happens next to her savvy characters, the next twist in her intelligent plots, the next joke she's going to crack. Smart, sexy, and funny." --Lynn Vannucci, Author of REVOLUTION IN THE GARDEN, COYOTE and BEYOND THE G SPOT

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