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The audio version of THE MUFFIA, Nicholas' first installment in The Muffia series, is available on AUDIBLE.

THE MUFFIA by Ann Royal Nicholas

Madelyn Scott-Crane is a smart, 42-year-old mediator and single mom who's having the best sex of her life inspired by the ladies of her book club, The Muffia, and the Muff’s latest racy read. But on their second date, as Maddie and her mysterious Israeli heartthrob, Udi, come together in orgasmic splendor, Udi collapses on top of her. Dead. When Udi’s “friends”—who resemble large appliances—arrive to claim his body, the Muffs decide that Udi had secrets. That’s when these bookish babes set out to expose the truth—whatever the dangerous truth might be. International intrigue combines with literary pursuits, lots of home-cooked food, and a little vibrator shopping. One book club, seven women, seven stories, more than seven fabulous meals and at least seven sex scenes all wrapped up in one smart, sexy novel that’s just this side of scandalous.

"The Muffia should be required reading for every book club in America. It's fun, sexy and smart." - Anonymous Amazon Reader

"It really speaks to women of all ages but especially those in thier 30's and beyond."  Anonymous Amazon Reader

"Best serious love/thriller/comfort read ever!" "The writing is brisk, smart and witty."  Anonymous Amazon Reader

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MORE MUFFIA by Ann Royal Nicholas

Muffia book club member and celebrity talent agent, Quinn Cunningham, is returning from Japan when she spots her fellow Muff’s former Israeli lover who is supposed to be dead. Back in LA, the Muffs agree sexy “Udi” is alive but proving it might get them killed. Quinn’s resolutions to become a better person—dump the married paramour, find a guy online and resume pole dancing (for exercise, please!)–hits a snag when her boss confronts her with compromising photos. Now Quinn must find the saboteur assisted by former Seal Team member and, by the book private investigator, Frank Sexton. While other Muffs catch up on the latest book pick, shut down porn-shooting neighbors and plan a swanky benefit for Alzheimer’s disease, Quinn finds herself falling for Frank. And as the eve of the benefit arrives, she’s keeping those resolutions and finding that her deepest wishes might come true.


MUFF STUFF by Ann Royal Nicholas

Costly canines are going missing all over the Southland. Sarah, a baking whiz and member of LA’s most dynamic women’s book club, The Muffia, is a soon-to-be single mom who’s about to get foreclosed upon thanks to her philandering ex-husband. Her son, Nathaniel, is being bullied at science camp, his Ls sound like Ws and the only movie he’ll watch is The Princess Bride. No wonder she’s having trouble getting through the muffs’ latest read. Sarah launches a plan to save her house while building a baking goods empire, and before too long, things start looking up—her cookies are a hit, Nathaniel’s Ls are improving and she meets a handsome widower who makes her feel sexy for the first time in years. But when she foils a plot to steal the family’s adopted French Bulldog and Muff Lauren’s Boston Terriers go missing in the middle of her Labor Day barbecue, it’s time for The Muffia to mobilize. With the assistance of a Palm Springs Magic Men Live! aficionado, a vengeful Pug owner and three Bichon Frises, the muffs set out to nab the nappers, and discover dog thieves come in surprising guises. 


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by Cialan Haasnic

A contemporary bio-cyber thriller. 

HOMEGROWN: THE TERROR WITHIN is terrific—fascinating, fast-paced, and frighteningly plausible. Cialan Haasnic has written a thriller so compelling, it kept me up nights—after I’d finished it. - HARLEY JANE KOZAK Macavity, Agatha & Anthony-award winning author of Dating Dead Men and A Date You Can’t Refuse

Cialan Haasnic’ HOMEGROWN: THE TERROR WITHIN is that rare thriller which is genuinely suspenseful and scary. - ALEXANDRA BICKS, Trident

Haasnic is able to wield words to deliver just the right punch: smoothly stated with enough suspense to leave the reader hungry for the next sentence. A timely, intelligent, book with enough plots and subplots to capture every reader. - CLARE ELAN FOWLER, The Straus Institute at Pepperdine University

The perfect choice to read on a long flight...The general public has no idea of the artistic side of mathematics...[this] book might spark some interest.. - NATHANIEL GROSSMAN, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at UCLA

"If you like science fiction, and enjoy writers like Michael Chrichton, I think you'll enjoy this book." - Amazon reader

"This is a work of fiction that you PRAY does not ever become a reality. You can't put this one down!" - Amazon