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VILLA THRILLA - It's another night at Villa Thrilla. But this time, with the wrong audience. A late December night at a once magnificent manor house on the coast of New Jersey. A storm rages as guests arrive for what they think will be a Mad, Mod Holiday Murder Mystery Party, while inside Villa Thrilla the evening has begun, organized by a missing producer/director and starring a motley group of thespians. But as the first body falls and the dreidel song plays no one is who they appear to be. Are they just bad actors? Or playing roles for other nefarious ends? A new twist on the classic English murder mystery, Villa Thrilla bends genres to highly amusing ends.  

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UNIVERS'L -  No one's getting along at the Univers'l strip mall in South Central Los Angeles on April 29, 1992, the day the Rodney King verdicts come down. An African-American liquor store owner has a crush on a Vietnamese manicurist. A rich Beverly Hills housewife who wants to help "you people" by building a women's shelter has just had her Mercedes stolen. The Iranian dry cleaners have destroyed a dress, a group of Swedish equestrians is hopelessly lost, and Kong, the Korean landlord is missing. With a relentless, hyperkinetic visual energy and creeping sense of impending doom, UNIVERS'L captures one long day in a rundown mini-mall when riots take over the city.
“A Searing Urban Drama.” --Der Spiegel


INCUNABULA - A lonely bibliokleptomaniac seeks advice about women from the literary figures who inhabit his stolen library assisted by the most successful book thief of all time. Based on the true story of Stephen Blumberg. Love, sex and stolen books.